Aggressive Scam Calls Targeting Hill County Seniors

HAVRE, Mont. (NMB) – Officials are sounding the alarm that phone scammers are becoming more aggressive in their pursuit of taking advantage of seniors in Hill County.

Marci Bergren of the Hill County Council On Aging says in the last week and a half, five people have contacted her saying they received an aggressive call asking for personal information. Of those five, one gave away personal information.

“(The scammers) are scaring them to death. They’re being very aggressive, very forceful. Telling them the police are gonna come get them because federal warrants have been issued for their arrest, and telling them they have to do something right away. And it’s really scaring a lot of my seniors.”

Bergren says that one of the targeted victims received a call from what initially seemed to be a familiar number to her.

“One lady that got a call today, the number was one digit off from her sister’s number, she thought her sister was calling. Answer the phone on the third ring and just listen for a while. And a lot of times you can tell if it’s one of these robocalls or calls from these call centers that are trying to scam people.”

Some of the scam calls ask for social security or medicare information, while others attempt to sell COVID cures or testing kits. They all have the same goal – to obtain personal information from potentially vulnerable people.

If you believe you are the victim of a scam call, call your local Police Department or the Havre Senior Center at 265-5464. If the call was regarding social security, Bergren recommends you also call social security directly.

Even if you did give away personal information, it may not be too late to prevent the scammers from taking advantage of it, so call as soon as possible.

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