Bill that would acquire money to rehab St. Mary canal passes senate floor.

(Fort Belknap) The Fort Belknap Indian Community Water Rights Settlement Act passed the senate floor on Thursday.

The bill, led by both Senator Tester and Senator Steve Daines and which specifically includes $275 million to rehabilitate the St. Mary’s canal must now be approved by the House, Tester took to the senate floor to urge that occurrence.

“And I want to be clear: the House needs to pass this bill. The House needs to put aside politics and pass this bill. Farmers’ operations that have been generational in this region’s livelihood are on the line.” said Tester.

Senator Steve Daines also issued a statement following the Bills clearing of the senate:

“This is a huge win for the Tribe, farmers and ranchers and the entire state of Montana. As the final Indian water rights settlement in Montana, this bill will help provide clean drinking water to Montanans on the Hi-Line”

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