BLM finishes out controlled burns

(Lewistown) The North Central Montana District of the Bureau of Land Management will be pile burning until Tuesday, February 13th in the Snowy Mountains.

Fuel staff will be burning on 73 acres of conifer hand piles, which the program says were created during a hazardous fuels reduction project.

They say the project will restore a healthy, diverse and fire resilient forest structure by reducing stand density conifer encroachment and fuel loading.

Gina Baltrusch, public affairs specialist for the BLM’s North Central Montana District, had this to say about the burns

“The BLM’s Fuel Management Program focuses on active management to reduce wildfire risk, improve wildfire resiliency, and promote fire adaptive communities. The program includes creating fuel breaks to create safe access for fire fighters, reducing fuel loads by reducing fuel loads by removing ladder fuels and reducing fire risk near communities. Fuels management projects consider the full scope of work: planning, implementation and monitoring, needed to achieve a coordinated landscape approach”

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