Bullock & Tester Co-Host Facebook Live Q & A to Answer COVID-19 Questions

HAVRE, Mont. (NMB) – Governor Steve Bullock and Senator Jon Tester co-hosted a Facebook Live Q & A Wednesday, May 20 and provided answers to questions posed by the virtual attendees.

Restaurant owners and the like cannot pay their bills when they operate at half capacity. When will establishment owners be able to operate at full capacity?

Bullock: We talked about 100 percent capacity in phase three. So, we have to see where that is. We want to continue to be reopening as much as we can. At the same time though, we have to recognize that what we are doing is mitigating the possibility of this virus not completely eliminating it right now.

Why has Montana not joined Wyoming in opening its gates into Yellowstone National Park?

Bullock: Yellowstone opened up its gates on the Wyoming side on Monday and, even the Superintendent of Yellowstone National Park had said, we’d be a lot better if we didn’t open up all the gates at the same time, because they need to make sure they have it together.  And We’ve been working with public health as well as our gateway communities to ensure that testing and sentinel surveillance is available at the same time.

What are the Federal and State governments doing to ensure that people who lost their health insurance due to COVID-19 job loss can obtain the same healthcare coverage they had prior to the pandemic?

Tester: We have passed four COVID bills that directly deal with the coronavirus issue that we have, and we’ll probably gonna be passing a couple more before this is all done. I think this is an issue that I really got to get my arms around to find out how many people are being impacted. Because the truth is, you can’t have a bunch of folks out there without health insurance – it’s not good for their family, it’s not good for healthcare period for the state, it’s not good for our hospitals. There are certainly opportunities out there to help folks out and I think that that may well be in one of the next COVID package that’s up, but we certainly need your input on that to find out if you’re one of those folks that are being impacted…If we’ve got those stories it can make a difference in changing people’s minds here in Washington D.C. when we are talking about solutions…

To watch the full Q & A click here.

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