Commissioners meeting sets aside time for Dilly Bar discussion

(Havre) During the February 8th meeting for the Hill County Commissioners The County Needs section of the agenda allowed for a discussion regarding Dairy Queen Dilly Bar flavor options. The Commissioners wanted to open this discussion so the minutes can be submitted to Dairy Queens corporate with the encouragement they try new flavors and bring back old favorites, and as a way for the commissioners to show appreciation for the Havre Dairy Queen.

Hill County Commissioner Mark Peterson had this to say regarding the Havre Dairy Queen.

“As of the last number of years there’s been Dilly Bars that were chocolate and butterscotch and cherry. People really enjoyed the variety and stuff and then corporate Dairy Queen decided that they wanted to discontinue some of the flavors. That bothered a lot of the people in the community because they kind of became addicted to it, and being addicted to something like that is kind of fun”

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