Corner of Scouts BSA Havre Troop talks benefits of her Eagle Scout Project

(Havre) As previously reported by New Media Broadcasters, Chloe Corner of the local Scouts BSA Troop is working towards her Eagle Scout project and recently received one thousand one hundred dollars from the Veterans of Foreign Wars as a result of the Havre Optimist Club’s donation to the VFW.

Corner says that this project not only benefits the community, but also benefits her on a personal level.

“My first benefit is that I’ve been in this since 2019, I had a really rough patch in 2021 where I was like I’m just going to quit. I got offered to join the Chester Girls [scouts] and I went and joined Chester for a while we drove to Chester every Thursday, and then I came back and it was just like I really wanted it and I really have been pushing for it. So many people just don’t do it, they want it but don’t do it so accomplishment for one. Number two, people need to be recognized here. It is small, nobody knows where we are, and the veterans here still matter they still served so it’s still a good recognition for them”

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