Dani Wagner Extends Eligibility for 5th Year

With the N.A.I.A. extending eligibility for the athletic programs for a 5th year of playing, local Carroll College Saint Dani Wagner sat down for an interview with New Media Broadcasters sports about the prospect of getting another year of playing time.

Wagner, “We’ve had a really good 4 years here, obviously 5 year with my redshirt year, it was super successfull but we fell short last year. I know what we are capable of accomplishing, with COVID granting me another year of eligibility. I thought, why not give it one more year and not start the real world just yet.”

The next thing we touched on with Dani was what it means to be able to wear the Purple and Gold for another year as a Saint.

Wagner, “Just being able to come back and make a mark on the school one more time, is everything and then some. Carroll has been in my family for years, getting to be here for six years is absolutely incredible.”

During the 2020-21 season Carroll finished at 23-3, all the while Dani would go for nearly 47% from beyond the arc, 89% from the Charity Stripe and averaging 15.04 points per game. For the extended interview with Wagner, head to the HiLineToday.com podcast page.


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