Hailing from Akron, OH, Squires has been involved in music, radio, and the arts in some capacity for over half of his life. As a classically trained percussionist, self-taught pianist, and touring musician; Squires’ love for music slowly grew over time to encompass all forms of music production, including radio,.

During school, Squires participated in multiple music ensembles and studio projects, as well as Kent State University’s internet radio station “Black Squirrel Radio.”  In 2021, Davey graduated from KSU earning his Bachelor of Science in Music Technology. Since graduation Squires has started his own slice-of-life podcast, “Squires Station,” as well as continuing to tour, write, and produce his own jazz-influenced music.

When Davey is not doing anything art-related, he is most likely either hiking or watching a low-budget horror movie. Upon moving to the beautiful and scenic landscape of the Hi-Line of Montana, Davey finds himself on your radio dial, and maybe soon a music venue near you!