Dozens of High School Seniors Vandalize Havre High School

HAVRE, Mont. (NMB) – Havre High School was vandalized late Monday evening after around 30 High School seniors entered the building, according to Havre Police Lieutenant Aaron Wittmer.

The seniors were in the building for up to 90 minutes and are estimated to have caused between $1,000-2,000 in damage.

The seniors are alleged to have placed dozens of tires at the High School entrance, smeared cameras, toilet papered multiple areas of the building, and plugged toilets and drains with fruit and cereal.

Wittmer says most of the suspects have been identified by surveillance video.

If the damage exceeds $1,500, the suspects could be charged with felony burglary in adult or juvenile court. Other potential charges include trespassing and criminal mischief. They could also face discipline through the District.

It is unclear exactly how the students were able to enter the building.

A since-deleted TikTok video corraborates much of the account of the incident from the Havre Police, showcasing vandalism to the gym, hallways, and bathrooms from the students.

In a press release, Havre High Administration and staff said that this “went way past the boundary of being a harmless prank.”

The press release adds that staff and administration are “disappointed in (the students) and the lasting image that they chose to leave on the Class of 2021.”

According to the release, all students involved, which includes Honor Society members, student council elected officials, athletes, among other students – will face consequences. This could include community service time, among other punishments.

The District says they will continue to consult with the Havre Police Department for potential charges.

The press release concludes by stating that “in no way do we condone the actions of the students involved, and hope they also realize the tarnished repuation left for all members of the Class of 2021 because of their ‘prank.'”


  1. I am a graduate 1976 so sad makes me physically ill. They have tarnished graduation for all involved this has everlasting consequences

  2. Don’t believe everything you read. I highly doubt these students went out to destroy the school. Make them clean the school and let them be.

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