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Race calls provided by the Associated Press will be listed here:

Called at 10:21 PM – Donald Trump (R) wins Montana’s 3 electoral votes

Called at 10:42 PM – Greg Gianforte (R) wins election for Governor

Called at 11:50 PM – Steve Daines (R) wins election for U.S. Senate

Called at 12:09 AM – Matt Rosendale (R) wins election to U.S. House

Called at 12:47 AM – Ballot initiatives 118 and 190 will pass, legalizing recreational marijuana in Montana

Called – Consitutional Amendments 46 and 47 will pass

Called at 1:39 AM – Austin Knudsen (R) wins race for Attorney General

Called at 1:39 AM – Christi Jacobsen (R) wins race for Secretary of State

Called at 1:40 AM – Troy Downing (R) wins race for State Auditor

Called – Troy O’Donnell (R) wins race for Public Service Commission District 2

Called – James Brown (R) wins race for PSC District 3

Called at 1:03 PM – Elsie Arntzen (R) wins race for Superintendent of Public Instruction

Please remember that all results are unofficial

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