Events To Look Forward To

There is a lot to look forward to at the Great Northern Fair Grounds. Frank English, the Fair Grounds manger explains all of the exciting events coming this spring.

“Well, our next major event will be March 25th, that’s the Bear Paw Ski Bowl Brew Fest. It’s one of the bigger brew fests in the state. We got a really good band coming for that. Then the next weekend after that, March 31st and April 1st that’s MSUN Bears and Broncs. That’s usually a huge event and just a fantastic thing. Then the weekend after that, April 6th, we got the Aaron Tippin concert in the Bigger Better Barn, so we got three big events three weekends in a row.”-Frank English

Frank continues to explain what makes these events special.

“Well, I think Havre has been needing more events happening around us. More positive events where people can go out and just have a good time, and let loose a little bit, and enjoy the community and be part of it.” -Frank English

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