Feed My Sheep serving 20% more people than last year

(Havre) Havre’s Feed My Sheep soup kitchen has seen an increase in meals served compared to last year says director Scott Shepp, who estimates that they’re preparing and serving around 20 percent more meals than they were around this time in 2023.

New Media Broadcasters asked Shepp what he thinks the cause of this rise in numbers could be.

“One thing that’s increased our numbers is… I’m not sure what we did before I got here with leftovers and stuff, but now what I do is if I make a meal and I have left overs I put them in to go boxes and I put them out for people to take. Not only does that help with people coming in and wanting meals to go, [because] when we’re busy serving trays and stuff when you have to stop and do something different it’s not ideal. So that way, they can take the meals there’s no waste”

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