Feed My Sheep Soup Kitchen Stays Open to Help Despite COVID-19

HAVRE, Mont. (NMB) – The Feed My Sheep Soup Kitchen is staying open despite the COVID-19 pandemic.

Director Janet Tams says they are here to help the community and hope to stay open as long as they can.

“We’ll continue to be open as long as we meet the right conditions and, you know, as long as we’re helping keep people safe that’s our main goal. And we will continue to try to serve the people that we need to.”

Tams says because their primary goal is to make sure everybody stays safe; they’ve had to make some changes in how they serve meals.

“We’re switching to sack lunches. So, people can still get food but not hang around. They’re just kinda coming in, getting the sack lunch and then going home and eating it. So, you know, I can get by with minimal volunteers that way too.”

Since many of their regular volunteers are considered high-risk for the coronavirus, they are not helping out at the soup kitchen at this time. Tams says, right now, they are getting by, but they don’t have the number of volunteers they normally do.

Tam says if volunteering is something that is on your heart, they would welcome the extra help.

If you would like to volunteer or help the soup kitchen, you can visit their Facebook page or call 406-265-1629.


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