Frontier Conference Releases Plan For Fall Sports In 2020

With the upcoming fall sports season in the Frontier Conference on the horizon, decisions had to be made in regards to scheduling for the 2020 season amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The Frontier Conference Council of Presidents (COP) met on Friday to discuss the upcoming schedule and made a decision to move forward with a fall slate in 2020.

The 2020 Season for the Montana State University Northern football team is set to be a noteworthy one as the Lights are primed  to unveil their new on-campus stadium in September. Northern Athletic Director Christian Oberquell was optimistic that this hope will soon become reality.

“Our home opener is set for September 26 and are shooting to have the stadium open by then,” Oberquell said. “We will cross our fingers and hope for the best. We would love to open up, and hopefully host fans for the game as well.”

Deliberations were sure to have taken place is assessing the risks involved with moving forward with a slate of fall athletics. Head coach of Lights football team Andrew Rolin felt the difficult decision was the right one.

“I am proud of all our conference, the athletic directors, head coaches, and the COP for having the courage to make this decision to go ahead and play.” Rolin said. “I think its what it is right for the students, athletes, the state of Montana, and our country.”

Adding to the excitement for Rolin and his team will be their home opener at the new on campus stadium. Rolin believes it will be a special experience for this group to get to do something that no team has ever done before.

“I think this experience will be priceless,” Rolin said. “We will be the first team in Havre to be able to run out onto the field at their own on-campus stadium and that experience in itself will be very special.”

Other fall sports in the Frontier Conference will also look to continue with their 2020 schedule.

In Cross Country, the conference plans on holding a conference season, and will host a conference championship tournament in 2020. Frontier Conference teams will participate in the postseason in line with the rest of the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA) in spring.

The Frontier Conference will participate in golf tournaments throughout the fall. The Conference tournament is scheduled to take place in spring as it normally does along with NAIA postseason play.

A schedule for the upcoming volleyball season is still being discussed by the Frontier Conference. An update on the status of the season will be released by the COP in the coming days. Stay tuned to New Media Broadcasters for updates.

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