Girl Scout Open House 9/19

(Havre) – The Girl Scouts of Montana and Wyoming will be hosting an open house event in Havre on September 19th. Tiffany Thurston the volunteer support manager of Northcentral Montana Girl Scouts talks about the event.

“Yes, we are looking for more girls who want to join Girl Scouts and have a great experience in an all-girl environment, so we are hosting an open house at our Girl Scout house in Haver which is next to the Methodist Church at 420 5th Avenue, and we’ll be having that on September 19th from 3pm to 6pm.”

She continues by talking about what will be happening at the event.

“It’ll be just an open house, there will be some activities for the girls. adults involved can get some information on Girl Scouts and our troop, and we’ll be forming new troops or joining girls up with existing troops.”

She goes on to talk about the benefits of being a Girl Scout.

“Girls we think have an important role in life and it’s important for them to have an all-girl environment, so Girl Scouts allow girls an all-girl environment to explore their interests. We have four pillars that we focus on, and those pillars are Outdoors, Life Skills, Entrepreneurship and STEM and because it’s an all-girl environment it allows girls to take the leadership roles in those and build their courage confidence and character in a wide variety of topics.”

She also talks about what skills Girl Scouts learn by being a part of the program.

“The skills are endless and again kind of all fall along with those four pillars, but we’re also girl lead. So, the girls really get to decide what direction their troop is taking if they’re really you know interested in the STEM fields they can look, explore all of the stem Badges and you know they’re just not into life skills maybe or the outdoors or maybe they are involved in the outdoors. So they really get to kind of steer where the troop goes. We take their interests and want to do what they want to do.”

She also explains what the 4 pillars of Girl Scouts are.

“It’s what all of our badges are designed around the four pillars and again so the outdoors, life skills, entrepreneurship, and STEM, so Science Technology and Engineering. So, all of the badges the girls earn in their various levels have to do with those four pillars.”

She finishes by talking about what advice she would give someone who wanted to be a Girl Scout.

“Do it! Don’t hesitate, just do it. We always have troops. We can always start new troops, and there is nothing but positive things to come from it.”

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