Havre CPE set for May 20th, EPA provides more information.

(Havre) Havre’s Water Filtration Plant is set to begin its Comprehensive Performance Evaluation on Monday, May 20th.

While the date of that CPE has been known for a little while now, what a CPE actually entails has not. New Media Broadcasters reached out to the US Environmental Protection Agency and spoke with Marisa Lubeck, a public affairs specialist for the EPA., for more information.

While nobody there was available for an interview at the time, they did give an explanation via email: “A comprehensive performance evaluation (CPE) is a thorough review and analysis of a filtration plant’s performance, and an assessment of the administrative, design, operation and maintenance practices that affect turbidity, or water clarity levels.”

Turbidity can also be thought of as cloudiness, and the EPA says this is one of a few indicators to the effectiveness of the drinking water treatment process.

The CPE steps consist of an assessment of plant performance; evaluation of major processes such as filtration and disinfection; identification and prioritization of factors that negatively impact a plant’s performance; assessment of potential follow-up activities; and preparation of the final CPE report. The purpose of each step is to identify issues causing poor performance and communicate these findings to the public water system.

The Montana DEQ is the best contact for information about why they requested a CPE. EPA anticipates that the CPE report will be available to Montana DEQ no later than the end of July 2024.

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