Hill County Man Pleads Guilty to Raping Minor

HAVRE, Mont. (NMB) – A Hill County man has pleaded guilty to a felony based on allegations that he engaged in a sexual relationship with a 13-year old girl.

Kristopher Alan Chapman, born in 1986, pleaded guilty to sexual intercourse without consent last week in Hill County District Court as part of a plea agreement.

The plea agreement requests a four years of incarceration in state prison, followed by a 21 year sentence in the Department of Corrections, with 16 suspended.

The agreement includes an admission from Chapman that between September and December 2019, when he was 33 years-old, he, “knowingly had sexual intercourse with a person who was incapable of consent because she was 13-years-old.”

If the plea agreement is upheld at sentencing, the remaining 30 charges will be dropped. They include five counts of sexual intercourse without consent, 24 counts of sexual abuse of children and one count of indecent exposure.

The agreement also calls for a revocation of Chapman’s deferred sentence for felony assault with a weapon in Hill County District Court in May 2016, and for the new sentence in that case to be 20 years, with 15 suspended, in the Department of Corrections.

According to an affidavit filed in Hill County District Court on January 16, an individual went to the Havre Police Department on December 10 to alert authorities that Chapman had been engaging in sexual intercourse with a 13-year-old girl.

Officers were granted a warrant to search Chapman’s phone and found at least 19 photos of a 13-year-old girl either partially or completely nude. Chapman is present in many of the photographs.

Also found on the phone was five videos from December 2019 of Chapman engaging in sexual intercourse with the 13-year-old girl.

Sentencing is set for August 26th at 1:30 PM.

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