Hill County Park Board Grazing Committee Discusses Noxious Weeds, Proposed Fencing

HAVRE, Mont. (NMB) – The Hill County Park Board’s Grazing Committee met on Thursday afternoon to discuss issues including noxious weeds, cheat grass and proposed fencing on the southern end of Beaver Creek Park.

The Committee voted 5-2 to recommend test areas be sprayed to control cheat grass on the north end of the park. This will now go to the Park Board for approval.

Superintendent Chad Edgar discussed the issues with noxious weeds this summer. Edgar says both water hemlock and poison hemlock have been spotted throughout the park. The water hemlock is especially prevalent near Bear Paw Lake. They are working with the Hill County Weed and Mosquito District to try and eliminate the noxious weeds.

The Committee also discussed proposed cattle cross fencing on the south end of the park. This project has an estimated cost of $25,500 and would be paid for by ranchers through their Land Management Fund.

As proposed, the fence would be around 6,900 feet long. The fence would divide the 3,300 acre south pasture into two. It would cross the Bear Paw Nature Trail but would not impact any campgrounds.

Members of the Committee and public discussed pros and cons of the proposed fence. No motion was made on the issue in order to allow for potential fence options to be further discussed.

The next Grazing Committee meeting will likely take place in October.

The next Park Board meeting is scheduled for August 3rd.

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