Born and raised in St. Cloud, Minnesota, Joe didn’t get his feet wet in broadcasting until halfway through his time in college at St. Cloud State University, where he originally went for Music Composition. After stumbling over to the Mass Communications area of the college, Joe ended up forming a budding relationship with radio and television that ended up with him working for 88.1FM KVSC as their Production Director for almost 4 years.

Learning the ins and out of audio production and creating commercials, Joe grew to love the entire process of creating audio content. Whether it was a commercial, interview, or studio recording, Joe ate it up and asked for more. Besides working for his college radio station, Joe was involved with the college television station, the local Townsquare Media cluster as an intern, local theatre group, and more performing various A/V odd jobs  around town. Joe graduated in the fall of 2020 from St. Cloud State University double majoring in Music Composition and Mass Communications with an emphasis in Creative Media Production.

Joe relocated to Havre, Montana to start his career in broadcasting here on the Hi-Line. When he’s not on the air, Joe is either at the gym, out running, or relaxing at home composing music/playing trombone.