Local Distillery Producing Hand Sanitizer

HAVRE, Mont. (NMB) – Havre’s Crawford Distillery has begun shifting their production in order to make free hand sanitizer.

Crawford Distillery Co-Owner Neil Crawford says that they have been working on producing hand sanitizer for several weeks, but several items they need, such as granulated sugar, are in short supply.

“Sugar is our main issue. We don’t want to clear out the local supermarkets totally, but we’ve been trying to get as much as we can from there. Even where we get our other supplies from, it’s been an issue ordering it. That’s why we’ve been asking the public, if you have an extra one pound bag of sugar, if you could bring it by, if you could spare it, we would appreciate it. We could turn that into alcohol.”

Anyone willing to donate sugar can contact them on Facebook or visit the distillery during regular business hours.

The free hand sanitizer will be packaged in four ounce squeeze bottles and will be available at their distillery as soon as Saturday. It is also potentially going to be distributed to locations in Havre, although nothing has been finalized on that front.

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