Meat Processing Plant Coming to Havre

(NMB) Havre will soon be home to a new year round meat processing plant. The USDA certified processing facility will be a member owned co-op with live to package processing for cattle, sheep, hog and bison. Montana Premium Processing Co-op facility manager Bill Jones thinks this will be a great model. ” I think it’s a great model. One, you get to have some input into your processor and two, to be able to be guaranteed spots is huge. I think it’s a great value. Five thousand bucks a membership, it’s really not that bad when you consider even if you keep it for ten years and then you can opt out and they give you your money back. So, I think that part is awesome.


Jones says there will be an inspector on site for the Slaughter and processing side of the operation and tells how it will work. “It’s going to be set up so there’s a good pull through. SO, anybody can show up with a truck and trailer. We’ll have a good set of pens, we can drop off the animals, keep them overnight so there’s not a big time rush, doesn’t have to be a specific time. Because they don’t have to be the day of the slaughter and then we will process them in the plant and keep everything up to USDA standards.”


The facility will be in the old Schwan’s location at 230 25th Avenue West. The Montana Premium Processing Co-op hopes to be operating by the end of October, with a grand opening in November. If you would like information on becoming a member of the co-op call Bill Jones at 406-400-2690 or visit the web site at


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