MHP is Recruiting

(Helena) – The Montana Highway Patrol (MHP) is currently recruiting.

Sergeant Jay Nelson, Public Information Officer for the MHP, told New Media Broadcasters about what they are looking for.

I think anybody. We strongly look forward to people with criminal justice degrees especially up there on the hi-line where you’re at. That’s a need for us up there. I know there’s positions available. Having that college degree is great however, not required, and so, looking at military people, you know, a lot of people from Malmstrom that have went and done their tour and decided to get out. They’ve got some great training behind them and come and join us and a lot of them stay another twenty plus years. And so, education is great, but we also look for people with experience as well.”-Nelson

If interested in looking more into this opportunity, visit mtcareers dot com online, or look for Montana Highway Patrol in your search browser.


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