MSU Bozeman Director of Local Government Center talks city review

(Havre) As previously reported by New Media Broadcasters, the Havre City Council recently decided to put for a vote this June to allow the people of Havre to decide whether or not they want the city to go under a City Review.

The review is done by Montana State University Bozeman’s Local Government Center. New Media Broadcasters spoke with Dan Clark, Director of the Local Government Center, to ask about the history of the city review in Havre.

“The local government can say hey, this is what Havre did in 2021: there was a need that existed in the community that the city said we can’t address that need because we don’t have that power and that’s what initiated the city placing the question on the ballot to change their form of government so that they could address that issue that was sitting around in the community that they couldn’t address otherwise. But they did make a substantial change to their form of government in 2021”

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