MSU Northern Homecoming

(NMB) The Faculty, staff and students have been busy this week celebrating Homecoming activities. Each event throughout the week had had some sort of a light or glow theme. There’s been a glow run, glow dance, a late-night coffee shop with live music, karaoke and lots of other activities for students. Corey Kopp, Dean of Students at MSU Northern says Homecoming is an opportunity to celebrate the University, support the students and student athletes but it’s also about helping students connect. ” It’s about helping students connect with the institution and helping them connect with each other. Students who make those connections and stay engaged are more likely to be successful. They persist, they succeed here, and they become then, more connected alums and all of that’s really good for the institution certainly and for the student experience.”


Kopp said a new tradition was started with the lighting of the N, which signifies the beginning of Lights week. Homecoming Sports events include the Skylights volleyball matches Friday and Saturday night and the football game on Saturday afternoon.


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