MSUN’s New Student Services

MSUN is offering unique services to ensure both student and community success.

Jen Tomac the Student Coordinator for the MSUN Community Center, explains the services offered.

“Our community center is an awesome program that we have been implementing the last few months. We have a food pantry, a lot of canned goods and other staple items that a student in need can have access to. We also have a dress for success program. When a student needs attire for an interview or a new job they can come seek anything from nice jeans and a polo shirt to a suit, or a business outfit. We also have a program to get household goods if they are moving off campus for the first time and then we also want to try to offer anything that can build community here on the campus and between the campus and the surrounding community through maybe cooking classes or holiday meals for students that can’t leave town during the holidays, anything that can bring the student together with the community and create bonding here on campus.”-Jen Tomac

Jen continues to explain the overall goals of the community center.

“We want to make sure that needs are being met, that we’ve got sustainability, and that we’re doing our part to make sure that when our students are here they’re concentrating on education and academics and that they’re not distracted by having lack in their lives or facing any type of situations of scarcity so that they can concentrate on their academic careers, their athletics, their clubs, the things that a student should be focusing on. So, we want to just make sure they know that we’re here for them. So that’s kind of our goal over the next couple semesters and we’re excited about what is going to be happening.”-Jen Tomac

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