New Funding to Prevent Veteran Suicide

Big steps are being taken to eliminate Veteran suicide and in particular Native Veteran suicide. The Great Plains Veterans Services Center located on Rocky Boy Reservation has just received a grant to help prevent Veteran suicide.

Chauncey Parker the Co-Founder of the Great Plains Veterans Service Center explains the grant.

“So, this particular grant is from the department of VA, the Staff Sergent Fox Suicide Prevention Mental Health grant. So, the purpose of this is to reduce suicide amongst our fellow Veterans. We in particular as an organization on a Native American reservation, the struggle has definitely been an issue and a challenge. As we know, suicide is a huge issue nationwide amongst Veterans, but particularly in our own state of Montana. Montana has one of the highest suicide rates in the nation. On top of that you have the Veteran suicide rates and then again on top of that you have the suicide rates amongst Native American populations.”-Chauncey Parker

Chauncey continues to explain how the grant will benefit Veterans facing dark times.

“So, this grant is going to give us as an organization the ability to provide a lot more of that outreach and be there for our Veterans within our communities, provide those resources and basically be that light for that Veteran who is facing those dark times.”-Chauncey Parker

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