All Precincts Reporting

Local Races

For County Commissioner District 2

Jennifer Saunders (N): 2937

Richard W. Vaughn: 2268

Write-In: 10


For County Clerk and Recorder

Janel J. Tucek (N): 4643

Write-In: 20


For Sheriff / Coroner:

Tracy Lewellen (N): 2445

Ryan Peterson (N): 2846

Write-In: 10


For County Attorney:

Kent Sipe (N): 4268

Write-In: 000


For County Superintendent of Schools:

Rhonda Long (N): 3314

Write-In: 75


For Public Administrator:

Gary Kruger (N): 4190

Write-In: 28


For County Treasurer:

Gwenda Lynn Gehlen (N):  4673

Write-In: 12


For Justice of the Peace:

(Shall Justice of the Peace Kelly E Mantooth be retained in office for another term?)

YES: 4748

NO: 437


For Community Council District #1:

Shirley Barrick (N): 3738

Zelda Boogman (N): 3043

Scott Seilstad (N): 3823


For Community Council District #2:

Joshua Scotson (N): 3003

Giles Stockton (N): 3248


For Community Council District #3:

Write-In: 138

Write-In: 96

Write-In: 84


County Results of State Legislative Races

State Representative District 15:

Dan Bartel (R): 4292

Cindy Palmer (D): 1105

Write-In: 4


State Representative for District 29:

Douglas Flament (R): 3526

Write-In: 66


State Representative for District 30:

James H Bergstrom (R): 862

Wendy Palmer (D): 169

Write-In: 2


County Results of Statewide and Federal Races

For United States Representative 2nd Congressional District:

Gary Buchanan (I): 927

Sam Rankin (L): 71

Penny Ronning (D): 619

Matt Rosendale (R): 3808

Write-In: 000


For Public Service Commissioner District 1:

Randy Pinocci (R):  4354

Write-In: 78


For Supreme Court Justice #1:

Bill D’Alton (N): 796

Jim Rice (N): 3770

Write-In: 15


For Supreme Court Justice #2:

James Brown (N): 3234

Ingrid Gustafson (N): 1929

Write-In: 11

Local Results of Statewide Ballot Issues

Constitutional Amendment No. 48

(An Amendment torthe Montana Constitution to explicitly protect electronic data from unreasonable search and seizures)

YES: 4195

NO: 933

Legislative Referendum No. 131:

(Legally protect born-alive infants by imposing criminal penalties on health care providers)

YES: 2986

NO: 2179