Rocky Boy Reservation Housing Shortage

The Rocky Boy Reservation is facing a significant problem. Allen Lamere the Executive Director of the Chippewa Cree Housing Authority explains that issue.

“We’ve had a housing shortage here ever since the reservation was created. It’s just the way it’s always been.” -Allen Lamere

He continues to explain that there are currently 100 people on a list to receive housing yet only two homes will soon be available.

“We have what’s called a current list that probably has about 100 people on it. Right now, I think we have probably only about two or three homes that are in the remodel rehab stage.”-Allen Lamere

Allen continues to explain the unique housing process on the Rocky Boy reservation.

“Well first thing they have to do is get a home sight. There’s an application through our Natural Resource Department. They go ask an existing lease holder for a couple acre parcel of land to construct a home. At that point if they are coming through us in one of our grant programs to build a house then we contract with a house building contract and the house is built, or they if they’re going to the outside and they want to buy a modular unit then they work with any number of the home sellers on the outside.”– Allen Lamere

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