“Say Yes” scam rampant returning

(Montana) Valley County Dispatch warned the public in a facebook post to be mindful of a resurgence of the so called Can You Hear Me scam.

This is a telephone scam in which the scam artist will employ sly ways to get an audio clip of the victim say the word “yes”, it’s name sake coming from the most common tactic of the scammer simply asking “can you hear me”. Another common ploy is the scammer already knowing the victims name and asking if it is indeed that person answering the phone, prompting a yes response.

In the facebook post Valley County Dispatch says the best way for victims to protect themselves is checking phone numbers closely and, if you think you have been a victim, keep a close eye on your financial statements. If at all suspicious, hang up the phone.

Hill County Undersheriff Stan Martin says that there haven’t been any reports of the scam hitting Hill County as of recently.

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