Where do I begin? All the way back to the 70’s when I first hear Wolfman Jack. I caught his show on the air and thought, “I can do that.” But radio was not my first dream job but communications has always been my strength. At five my original dream was to be the first woman to pilot a mission to space. Then I was determined to be the first female Mickey Spilane. Still no dice because it wasn’t my true calling, which is being of service to my community and Radio is one of the few jobs where one person can make the largest impact on the greatest amount of people all at once.

I am small town, community minded and I feel once You reach a certain age you have accomplished everything you can for yourself and it is time to give back in abundance to others. Radio is how I intend to give back and be a community resource.

I graduated in 2006 from Humboldt State University in Arcata, California in Humboldt County with a major in Journalism with an emphasis in broadcasting and News Writing and a minor in Japanese but unfortunately have fallen out of use for it. I am a published stringer for small town news and am a passionate videographer. I’m a late in life graduate so I could raise two children and still help them through their high school years. I have a strong belief in raising children to not need you but are grateful when they do. In the interim when they fly on their own my mothering turns to the community and Havre, MT, where I am happy to call my last home.