The Importance of Community Involvement

MSUN hosted a Community Involvement Fair. Jen Tomac the Student Coordinator for the MSUN Community Center, explains what the fair was all about.

“The Community Involvement Fair is giving students and other community members that have come in today an opportunity to see all of the ways that they could be involved, not only on the MSUN Campus, but also throughout the Havre community. There’s a lot of organizations throughout town that we can plug students into, and they can have a bigger impact as they are here getting their education on the Northern Campus, we also have them in our community for a number of years and they can plug into those organizations and both sides benefit from it.”– Jen Tomac

She continues to explain why community involvement is important for students.

“I think that when students come here, we have our classroom education, but there is so many other things when you think outside yourself and act outside yourself. It’s a whole other education when you’re out in the community, you’re working with others, you’re learning leadership skills. Anytime we can get the students taking what they’re learning in the classroom out into the world around them, then we’re doing an even better job in our education.” -Jen Tomac


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