Trapper Education Field Day 9/23

(Glasgow) – On September 23rd, Montana Fish, Wildlife, and Parks will be hosting a trapper education field day at the FWP Office in Glasgow from 8 am to 5 pm. Marc Kloker the region 6 communication education program manager for FWP talks about the field day.

“So, on September 23rd we have a trapper education field day that we’re hosting in Glasgow at the Fish, Wildlife, and Parks office from 8am to 5pm. So, what that is is back in the day, any person could just go out and trap after buying a trapping license, but legislative session two years ago required that folks that are new to trapping would need to take an online trapper education course and then attend one of these field days. Some folks that have been trapping for 3 years or more were grandfathered in and so this field day is basically a very hands on rigorous 8 hours where participants will learn from seasoned and experienced trappers. And, along with their education, they’ll take a test, and that will get them certified to trap in the state of Montana.”

He continues by talking about registration for the event.

“So for the trapper education field day that we’re hosting in Glasgow that does require registration and that can be found on our Fish Wildlife and Parks website under the education tab and you kind of got a click around a little bit but you’ll find trapper education in there and then you can search for the particular field day in Glasgow you register and you’re ready to go and so all we ask for that is that you have already completed the online portion of the education which takes about four to five hours or so to complete you can start stop and it anytime ahead of the field day. and then you show your certification when you shoe at the field day that you passed the online portion. and we’ll get you ready to go for the field day.”

He goes on to talk about the difficulty of the course.

“The course is designed for beginners, for new folks so in other words if you don’t have any experienced traffic never trapped before you’ll be able to have no problem but it going to be a lot. The nice thing is that online course which like I said is at your own pace takes four to five hours and you learn a lot of the background of what you’re going to experience in the field day. The field day will basically just add on to what you’ve learned on the online portion to actually have hands on practice setting some of these traps what some of these traps actually look like in your hand how to properly set some of these in different situations. And, so it’s rigorous, it’s a lot, it’s 8 hours and I hear from a few folks who’ve taken it that they just thought It was absolutely awesome but it was a lot just because there’s so many things you can learn about trapping and in that short of time your not going to learn it all or retain it. But anybody we feel that are brand new trapping should have no problem completing the course.”

He also talks about how the course is required to obtain a trapping license.

“Yes, to be able to trap fur bearers in Montana, this course is required. So that’s to trap things like beaver, muskrat if you’re going to go to the mountains, you might trap Fisher or Martin or things like that. Another thing just to kind of clear that up for folks is that if all your trapping is nongame animals such as raccoons, red fox, coyote, skunk those don’t require a trapping license this is basically your fur bearers trapping license that you’re going to be qualifying for.”

He finishes by talking about the rarity of the field day.

“This is fairly new this is the first one that we’re doing in region 6 that we have done there’s been other ones have done across the state so it’s not going to be offered very often if folks have an interest and they would like to trap even this year or next and this opportunity works out for you and your schedule then I would suggest to try to take it we hope to move this trapper education field day around the region as well. That being said it’s a challenge to get the volunteer instructors to do these and we can’t do too many of them just because of time and availability so if you see one available we recommend you try to get to it because again they’re not offered too often and with out it you can’t start trapping.”

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