What’s New at Beaver Creek Park

The Beaver Creek Park Board is entering the planning stage for constructing the new lodge levy.

Park Board Member Mark Peterson said, “I would be really really surprised if we could come up with a plan and have an architectural drawing and an estimated cost by the fall.” He continued to say, “it takes time. It just does because , that’s just the way life is. I’ve always said nothing happens in this court house in a year.”

He then said, “the first thing we need to do is get with Friends (of the Beaver Creek Park) and find out if we can utilize the funds that they have raised.” The board agreed.

Mark Peterson then added, “one other thing that this committee and anybody that’s working on this needs to keep in mind, it was not a strong majority vote there are some people out there that are kinda questioning if we should be doing this. So, I think we need to be very very if you will use the word frugal and wise in what we build to make it as functional as possible, and not super expensive.”

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