What’s New at the Fairgrounds

A lot is changing at the Great Northern Fair Grounds.

Fair Grounds manager Frank English explains what all is currently being worked on.

“Well right now we have the old office museum, it collapsed a couple years ago we’re getting that repaired and it’s almost done now, just a little flooring, drywall. You got the horse barn roof, that’s a big project. It’s prepped and ready for bids for the repair, that’s another big deal. New bathrooms, so we just voted in Heberly Engineering. We’ll be doing engineering and architecture for that, once that is done then we can get bids for that. Sifted out a bunch of dirt for the Bigger Better Barn, so that will be going in hopefully soon. 4-H Exhibit Building is being repurposed now, it’s going to be for entertainment instead of storage, so that will be another place where some people can get out of the heat. We’re going to put some air conditioning in there, and also that old office museum building. That will be an airconditioned place for some people to go also. Once all this is done, we’re just trying to fix up the stuff we have and then we’re going to move on to building new.” -Frank English

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