DEQ, NOAA Predict Little Flooding this Spring

HAVRE, Mont. (NMB) – With spring approaching, many people become concerned about the possibility of flooding caused by the spring run off. Hill County Disaster and Emergency Services Coordinator Dave Sheppard says the Northern Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration recently released a report detailing how likely the Milk River is to flood through our area.

Overall, the outlook is good and most areas will likely see little to no flooding. However, ice jams are unpredictable and could cause unexpected flooding.

The areas between Havre and Nashua that are likely to see minor flooding are near Saco, Hinsdale, Glasgow, and Tampico.

Other areas like Havre, Harlem, Dodson, Malta, and Nashua typically see some flooding, but current conditions are suggesting that these areas are unlikely to flood this year.

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