North Central Montana Transit Contact # 406-262-4762 or 406-262-3578

Great Falls Service 
Note: NCM Transit Great Falls service is $10.00/ ride or $20.00 round trip Tickets and punch passes can be purchased from the NCMT driver or at the NCMT Business Office located at: 3152 US HWY 2 East (across from Diesel Doctor in East Havre). Connections to Great Falls Transit buses require a $1.00 fare.

AM Havre to Great Falls (Monday-Wednesday-Friday)

Bus Barn 9;00 am

IGA (Havre) 9:05

Walmart 9:15 am

Box Elder (Jitterbugs) 9:30 am

Arrive in Great Falls

GTF Transfer Center 11:15 am

Benefis West 11:25 am

Benefis East 11:35 am

Great Falls International Airport 12:00 pm

Depart Great Falls

Great Falls International Airport 12:00 pm

Benefis West 12:10 pm

Benefis East 12:20 pm

Box Elder (Jitterbugs)

Arrive in Havre)

IGA (Havre) 3:40 pm

Bus Barn 3:45 pm