North Central Montana Transit Contact # 406-262-4762 or 406-262-3578

AM Havre to Fort Belknap (Monday thru Friday)

Bus Barn 6:51 am

Park and Ride (Havre) 6:55 am

IGA (Havre) 7:00 am

Havre Tire Factory 7:03 am

Town Pump (Chinook) 7:25 am

EZ Mart (Harlem) 7:50 am

Fort Belknap Clinic 7:53 am

Fort Belknap Agency 7:55 am

Fort Belknap College 7:58 am

Kwik Stop (Fort Belknap) 8:00 am

EZ Mart (Harlem) 8;05 am

Town Pump (Chinook) 8:30 am

Tire Factory (Havre) 9:00 am

Bus Barn 9:30 am


 PM Havre to Fort Belknap (Monday Through Friday)

Bus Barn 3:40 pm
IGA (Havre) 3:45 pm
Tire Factory 3:50 pm
Town Pump (Chinook) 4:10 pm
EZ Mart (Harlem) 4:40 pm
Fort Belknap College 4:50pm
Fort Belknap Agency 4:55 pm
Fort Belknap Clinic 5:00 pm
Kwik Stop Fort Belknap 5:02
EZ Mart (Harlem) 5:05 pm
Town Pump (Chinook) 5:25 pm
Havre Tire Factory 5:45 pm
IGA (Havre) 5:50 pm

Park and Ride (Havre) 5:55 pm

Bus Barn 6:00 pm