Rocky Boy, Box Elder, Havre (Monday thru Friday) For more information about Rocky Boy Transit routes and times, call 395-4490

Havre, Box Elder to Rocky Boy Agency
Havre (Walmart) 10:40 am
Laredo (Northern Winz) 11:10 am
Box Elder (Box Elder School) 7:15 am** 11:20 am
Box Elder (Housing Sites) 7:20 am 11:25 am
Bonneau (Housing Sites, Stone Child College) 7:30 am 11:35 am
Buttercup Village 7:35 am
Rocky Boy Agency (Clinic, Tribal Office, TANF, Old College) 7:45 am 11:45 am
Depart Rocky Boy Agency 8:00 am 11:50 am
Azure Site Housing 8:15 am
Rocky Boy Agency 8:30 am
Rocky Boy Agency to Box Elder, Havre
Rocky Boy Agency 8:30 am 11:45 am 4:30 pm
Bonneau (Housing Sites, Stone Child College) 8:40 am 12:00 nn 4:55 pm
Box Elder (Box Elder School, Housing Sites) 8:50 am 5:10 pm**
Laredo (Northern Winz) 9:10 am 5:20 pm
Havre (Walmart, North 40, Holiday Village, IGA, Clinics) 9:40 am
Depart Havre (Walmart) 10:40 am
MSU-Northern 1:00 pm
Rocky Boy Agency 5:40 pm

**Will connect with NCMT Blue Line