Lodgepole, Hays and Fort Belknap Agency – Monday through Friday

Lodgepole to Fort Belknap Agency
Chief Nosey Center, Lodgepole 6:50am, 1:00pm
Medicine Bear Lodge, Lodgepole 6:55am, 1:05pm
Hays Recreation Center 7:15am, 1:25pm

Old Hays Housing – Bus Stop on MT Hwy 66
MT Hwy 66 and BIA Rt 129 W
Ft. Belknap Qwik Stop, Tribal Office, BIA, IHS, College 7:55am, 2:00pm

Fort Belknap Agency to Lodgepole
Tribal Office, BIA, IHS, College, Ft. Belknap Kwik Stop 10:50am, 5:00pm
Hays Recreation Center 11:20am, 5:30pm
Medicine Bear Lodge, Lodgepole 11:40am, 5:50pm
Chief Nosey Center, Lodgepole 11:45am, 5:55pm