Havre Public School Board holds monthly meeting, finalizes election results.

(Havre) The Havre Public Schools Board of Trustees held their monthly meeting on Tuesday, May 14th in addition to what was technically three meetings.

This time around, the school board needed to address the results of the recent election in which Lorraine Larson and Jacob Ingram were reinstated on their seats, and the results of the election that were thus far unofficial became official.

The board also reinstated much of their same scheduling as it’s been in the past, continuing to meet on the second Tuesday of every month.

During the proper school board meeting, the trustees passed a Multi District Agreement with Rocky Boy Schools and also renewed an agreement that allowed certain “out-of-town” schools to pick up students inside the Havre district.

The next time the board will reconvene is a special meeting scheduled for May 28th at the Robins Administration Building.

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