Hill County Community Foundation 2023 Grants

(Havre) – With the Hill County Community Foundation Awarding $7000 in grants to community projects in Hill County New Media Broadcasters sat down with Pam Veis the current committee chair of the Hill County Community Foundation about the grant.

“This year was exceptionally competitive, we had 15 applications vying for an available $7000 in grant funds and we had thoughtful well rounded grant committee which included actually the current executive director of United Way she attends our grant committee I attend their interview through United Way so that we’re conscious of any duplication of any services or funding. we both feel that that is really important that we be diligent with the donors’ funds. So, we had a great discussion out of those 15 we have 10 organizations that are rewarded grants, and they are between $500 to a $1000 each and each grantee was awarded for their respective projects in one of the three focus areas of the community foundation which are arts and culture, community beautification and basic human need.”

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