Lights Basketball Hits the Road to Providence Tonight

The MSU-Northern Lights’ basketball team has had many close games this season. New Media Broadcasters got to catch up with coach Shawn Huse and he reflected on senior night and said what his guys have embodied throughout the course of this tough season.

“I feel for these guys, especially on senior night,” Huse said. “A goal of ours is to finish the year at home well and win on senior night.”

“We had a chance at the end and some of that is on me and some of that is on the players,” Huse continued. “You hope to catch a break and maybe that’s coming.”

“Our focus is to have an attitude of gratitude every time we step out there,” Huse said. “Appreciate the game and appreciate the opportunity, no matter how big or little (the moment) is.”

The Lights will get ready for the final regular season road trip of 2023-24 by playing Thursday night against the University of Providence. Coach Huse analyzed the next opponent and shared with the listeners what they do well and what his team will have to be ready for.

“They’ve got good speed and quickness on the floor,” Huse said. “They’ve got some guys who do a very good job in 1-on-1 situations. They shoot the ball well.”

“You’ve really got to bend your toes defensively and you’ve got to be sharp offensively. Your windows are short,” Huse said. “They’ve got a quick team and they’re able to disrupt you if you’re not able to play quick and smart yourself.”

The Lights (11-15, 3-10) will play the Argos (13-13, 6-7) around 7pm on Thursday night. Listen to Noah Friedman’s call on KPQX-92.5FM and

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