Walleyes Need up to 125 Trees for Fresno Spawning Habitat

HAVRE, Mont. (NMB) – The Fresno Chapter of Walleyes Unlimited is collecting old Christmas Trees to sink into the Fresno Reservoir to help improve the spawning habitat for perch and other fish. Chapter President Nate Molstad says they hope to collect up to 125 old trees.

“We bundle anywhere from about 6 to 10 trees in a group. We cable-tie them together, sink them with cinder blocks, place them throughout the reservoir. FWP has checked them every year and they’ve found fish eggs on them. So, we know that it’s working. We know the fish are using them.”

Molstad says Fresno is in need of fish habitat and the structures they placed during the first year are still being used. The trees are meant to specifically help the perch population in the Reservoir, but it will provide spawning grounds and protection for all the fish.


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