2019 Summer BrewFest on Tap for Saturday

Illustration by Mary Ward

HAVRE, Mont. (NMB) – The 3rd edition of the Summer BrewFest, a fundraiser put together by Havre Trails, has been in the works for nearly a year.

Scheduled for Saturday, August 24th from 3-8pm in Pepin Park, this year’s BrewFest promises to be the largest yet, according to Lindsey Bennett, President of Havre Trails, with more than a dozen breweries serving suds and Stumbling Free out of Helena providing live rock music.

“(We’ll have) 13 brewers and a winery and also some additional brews and ciders on the tap truck,” Bennett said. “We have a ton of food trucks. We had 1,000 people last year and we’re hoping for more this year. It’s just been a really great success for us in terms of fundraising and getting the community awareness out there about what Havre Trails does.”

Admission is free, and an 8-oz beer taster and two fills will be $15.

Funds raised over the last two years have gone towards projects in the Bear Paw Mountains. Where this year’s proceeds go is still to be determined.

“We’re just in the preliminary stages,” Bennett said. “We also would like to help the Havre area develop some new trails as well, or some connecting trails at least for the ones that we have existing. But that has not yet been determined. So we’re open for ideas.”

Those under-21 and non-drinkers are also welcome to attend. If you are planning on drinking, make sure to bring your ID. Safe Ride will be giving free rides home.


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