Havre Senior Center Holding Medicare Presentation


On Wednesday from 1:00-2:30pm the Havre Senior Center is hosting a free Medicare 101 presentation. This presentation is for anyone about to turn 65 or wanting to get information on the Medicare program for family.

Medicare is the Federal Health Program is for anyone turning 65 or has been on Social Security Disability for 25 months, according to an email from Pamela Roatch, the Resource and Assessment Specialist from the Cascade County Aging services out of Great Falls.

Roatch states it is health insurance you would use if you are an “in-patient” at a hospital or if you need to see a care provider, having testing, undergoing procedures, or being prescribed Durable Medical Equipment.

Although not technically mandatory to sign up during the initial enrollment period three months before or after your 65th birthday month there are still penalties that are incurred if you are late to do so. The penalties amounts differs for each type of Medicare (A is Hospital, B is Medicare, and D is prescription coverage). For part B and D it is a lifetime penalty. More information about penalties can be asked at the presentation.

Attendees are not required to bring with them any documentation with them to this presentation as it is for informational purposes, only.

To register, call the Havre Senior Center at 406-265-5464 and signup using your first name.


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