Hill County Mosquito District will Start Fogging Soon

HAVRE, Mont. (NMB) – As summer approaches, the Hill County Weed and Mosquito District are preparing to start fogging for mosquitos around Havre. District Coordinator Terry Turner says the chemical they use to repel the mosquitos is a derivative of the chrysanthemum flower and is a safe product for people and pets.

“If we get the warm temperatures which is forecasted, we’re going to be probably looking at maybe starting probably next week. When the temperature reaches about 80 degrees, they can hatch out in about three to five days and that’s faster than we can get to the bodies of water to put the larvicide in, so that’s when we start our program.”

The mosquito program is meant to help stop the spread of mosquito-borne diseases, and West Nile Virus is found in the area.

“The West Nile mosquitos come out just right at the break of dark, you know, late in the evening. And then they’re out all night long and then they pretty much go back into hibernation during the daytime. So, the ones that carry the disease, are the ones that are out flying at night.”

Turner says that he will adjust where he fogs depending on where most of his complaint calls are coming from. To report mosquitos around Havre, call Turner at 265-4453.

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