A Fun Weekend on the Ice

The Fresno Tavern Ice Fishing tournament was a great success. Kodi Peterson the owner of Fresno Tavern and host of the tournament tells who won.

“For the walleye the winner was Jeremy Hoefer with an 18 and a half inch. The northern winner was Paxton Peterson with 27 and a half inches, and the winner of the croppy was Spencer Ross with 15 and a quarter, actually that was a tie Gary Lum also had a 15 and a quarter inch croppy. Then the perch the winner was Sorren Antonich with a 13 and three quarter.”-Kodi Peterson

Overall Kodi Peterson says that the tournament was a ton of fun.

“It was a lot of fun. They had fun, even though it was cold they’re having fun, and we had a lot of great door prizes that we gave out.” –Kodi Peterson

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