A Reunification Story

On the Rocky Boy Reservation something amazing occurred. A missing person was able to be brought back and reunited with their family after being found states away.

Kaycee Henry the Victim Services Director explains the initial process of finding and then retrieving the missing person.

“We got word of a missing community member via Facebook post and pictures and the person was missing for approximately two to three months and it was brought to our attention here at the office (Office of Victim Services). So, we teamed up with the tribal leaders and after we found where the person is, they wanted us to go and reach out, and that was out of state, and we went found the person and brought them back.”-Kaycee Henry

Lacey Gardipee went on the journey across state lines to find and bring the person back home. She explains that process and how it felt when the person was reunited.

“With the missing person posters being posted or being everywhere on social media, that’s what brought awareness to the situation, and I believe that is how the shelter that this person was at came to know about it. That this person was missing from our reservation, and once they were in contact with us it all went from there. We had help from the tribal council with funding with our gas to get there but we did work with the shelter out of state. They had put this person up and that’s where we had to drive to. Once we had picked this person up, we were able to get them back safe to their family. That was the best part about it was seeing their reactions once we brought her home.” _Lacey Gardipee

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