A Time to Adopt

Paws of Chinook animal shelter is hosting an exciting event to find dogs loving homes. Paws of Chinook Director Alissa Hewitt explains the event.

“So, we’re doing an adoption event at North 40 in Havre. We’re going to have our six youngest pups that are here at the shelter that are available and they’re ready to go, and we also have five more from a litter that is outside the shelter. So, we’ll have 11 dogs with us. We’ll have reduced adoption fees during that event only. The event is from 10am to 2pm, and Hi-Line Canine will be there. Our local dog trainer will be there to answer training questions. She can talk about her puppy preschool program. She is also giving a discount to the first two people who sign up, so we have a lot of really fun stuff going on and we can’t wait to be out there.” –Alissa Hewitt

Alissa continues to explain the types of dogs that will be available for adoption.

“So, the litter that we have with us that’s in the shelter they’re mixed breed, got a couple little shorties that are corgi mixes, got a couple tall ones and then the other litter is a rottweiler, mastiff, shepherd mixes that we’re bringing with us. So, we have all across the board. The dogs from the shelter are roughly four months old at this point and the other group is about 10 weeks.” -Alissa Hewitt

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