AirBnB’s Prompt Emotional Discussion at Ordinance Committee Meeting

HAVRE, Mont. (NMB) – After Monday night’s City Council meeting in Havre, the Ordinance Committee meet to discuss changing the ordinance regarding the qualifications for hiring firefighters and the ordinances involving AirBnB’s.

Nothing was voted on, but the Committee did decide to move forward with the process to make changes to the ordinance regarding hiring city firefighters. Fire Chief Mel Paulson requested that the ordinance reference the state statutes, as their ordinances have tried to reflect those laws. They decided to keep a part that allows the potential firefighter to live outside of city limits.

Most of the night’s discussion centered around whether or not to allow AirBnB’s in neighborhoods zoned for single family properties. They looked at either creating a registration process or requiring business licenses in town. Several people spoke passionately about whether or not they want an AirBnB nearby and were concerned about changing the make up of their neighborhood. Most who spoke were against these short-term rentals, but a few people did support it. During the emotionally-charged meeting, people from both sides of this argument shouted at each other and the Committee asked them several times to keep things civil.

The Committee took no action on the AirBnB issue, but said they will look at ordinances in other towns with a similar demographic to Havre to get an idea of how other places regulate these rentals. The Committee wants to know if there are others who want to open an AirBnB in Havre.

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